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About the Association of Planing Contractors

Over the last 25 years the APC has worked with clients and key industry organisations to develop standards for operative training and good working practices which are endorsed by all our members. Clients employing APC members can therefore be assured of receiving the very best standards of working practice and site safety.

Code of Practice for Safe Working at Road Planing Operations

In conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive, the APC has produced a Code of Practice for Safe Working at Road Planing Operations which provides guidance and advice on safe working practices within the planing industry. It is available to all road contractors and local authorities to provide advice on the particular requirements of road planing contractors to reduce or eliminate hazards and accidents whilst on site.

HSE Logo"HSE recognises the Association of Planing Contractors' commitment to improving standards of health and safety within the road planing industry.

The guidance contained within this Code of Practice should help to raise awareness amongst clients, contractors and workers of the need to work together in planning, and putting into practice, the actions required to deliver safety at the roadside.

HSE National Construction Sector November 2005"

Operative Training

In conjunction with the CITB, the Association has been at the forefront in developing a suitable NVQ for planer operatives and has now several qualified specialist Assessors to monitor the training of the candidates.

In addition to the NVQ qualifications the Association has developed its own Certification scheme for planer operators. We have several qualified Assessors and carry out detailed assessments of the skills and knowledge of individual planer operators. When all conditions are satisfied the operator is issued with an APC Certificate of Competence.

The Association in conjunction with the CITB is developing an Apprentice training scheme in order to promote entry of new personnel into the civil engineering and planing Industry. The course has been set up in order that the apprentice may be taught all the required skills to become a fully trained and qualified operative with a level 2 NVQ.

Terms and Conditions of Contract

To assist in negotiations with clients, the Association has produced a set of standard Terms and Conditions of Contract which highlight those features of contracts which are peculiar to planing operations so that both client and contractor know what is expected of each other. This has been a key factor in improving working efficiency and developing good working relationships.

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